Apostolics In Action

The Apostolics in Action program (AIA) exists to provide aspiring missionaries the opportunity to intern under the supervision of an existing ALJC appointed missionary.

Each AIA participant will gain practical experience in accordance to the specific needs of the appointed field. AIA is an initiative dedicated to the Word of God and expanding the Apostles’ doctrine to the entire world.

If you would like to participate in the AIA program, or would simply like more information, please contact our AIA Director, Jeremy Lang.

Appointment Length and Guidelines:

  • The maximum appointed time for each AIA intern is one year.
  • The minimum appointed time for each AIA intern is one month.
  • We will require each AIA intern to establish their length of stay prior to their appointed internship.
  • The following requirements are compulsory to extend your pre-determined appointment up to one year:
  • Letter from host missionary to AIA director no less than two weeks prior to previously arranged date of departure. The letter should state the purpose of the extension and the length of the extension.
  • Letter or email of approval sent to the AIA director from the intern’s pastor stating his approval of the extension.
  • Letter or email of approval sent to the AIA director from the intern’s home District Superintendent and District World Mission’s Director.
  • Proper communication to all individuals or churches that supported
    your original appointed length of stay.
  • Each intern must prove they have the financial support to facilitate the extension of their appointment.

The Process:

  • All aspiring AIA participants must first submit an application to the AIA director 90 days prior to the desired time of appointment.
  • Upon the approval of the application each intern must read at least three books from the pre-determined reading list.
  • Each intern will meet with their home district World Missions director to determine a suitable fundraising plan.
  • Begin fundraising.
  • Obtain passport, VISA if required, and all vaccinations that may be required.
  • A physical examination and approval for travel by your family physician must be submitted along with your application.
  • Purchase airfare and submit airfare itinerary to AIA director and host missionary. Round trip tickets are required.
  • A general overview of the job description and responsibilities determined by the host missionary must be submitted to the AIA director before the intern departs to their appointed field.